Sparkling DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco superiore Brut

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Sparkling & Fizzy
1 bottle package
A new packaging and a new bottle bring our organic Valdobbiadene Brut back into the prestigious "Collection Line". Organic sparkling wine with soft bubbles and a fresh scent, able to conquer the palates that prefer Brut organic wines. Our company owns around 5 hectares in a beautiful valley in the municipality of San Pietro di Feletto. In these areas you can enjoy the landscape that the skillful hand of the farmer has drawn year after year to make it worthy of being nominated for the recognition of UNESCO Heritage (obtained in 2019). Known and renowned as the king of the aperitif, the Valdobbiadene prosecco lends itself, especially in the brut version, to be consumed also during meals.  For instance, it is excellent for appetizers and fish-based first courses or to be consumed during the meal, as often happens right in the territory in which is produced.
Additional information

The grapes are pressed and the obtained must is left to decant. Selected yeasts are added to the fermentation at a controlled temperature of around 14°C. After preparation of the base wine, it is induced a second fermentation in steel tanks until to obtain an internal pressure of greater than 4.5 atm.


11% vol

Residual Sugar Index



Light and elegant


Straw yellow with greenish. Brilliant hues.


Harmoniuos, fruity, reminescent of renetta apples.


Smooth, fresh, well-balanced, with an elegant aftertaste.

Food pairing

Ideal with mixed and vegetable starters. Thanks to its high versatility is also great for the whole meal.

Serving temperature

4-6° C

Bottle size

750 ml


Year 2016 - Silver medal at IWSC International Wine & Spirits competition 2017, Mention into the book Vinitaly 5StarWines 2017 with 80/100