No Added Sulphites Red wine IGT Veneto

 Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Red and White wines
1 bottle package
No added sulphites organic Red Wine IGT Veneto, is a blend of red grapes. With hard work and a lot of passion we manage to recreate around us, in the Villorba countryside in the DOC Prosecco area, a clean and uncontaminated environment, free from chemicals with the aim of bringing back to the tables of all healthy but above all good organic wines, prioritizing the genuineness of the latter. The name of this wine, "Rosso Convento", derives from the fact that the vines are located near an ancient convent, whose city wall was recently restored in occasion of the new Pizzolato Winery inauguration in 2016. Its label is made of recycled paper realized with 15% of grape pomace from our cellar and whose remaining paper contains 40% post- consumer recycled fibers and 45% cellulose. The dragonfly is the testimonial of the purity and naturalness of our wines with no added sulphites. Precisely, because of this green philosophy, the respect for the health of the consumer and wanting to confirm over time our desire to experiment and grow, we produce since 2007 the line of wines without added sulphites.
Additional information

Classic red vinification without the addition of sulfur dioxide. We choose the best and heathy grapes of Merlot and Cabernet. The fermentation is activated with selected yeasts low producers of sulfur dioxide and takes place with the skins at a temperature of around 25°C for one week. Then the wine is filtered in a sterile manner and stored in tanks at a controlled temperature to avoid possible oxidation.


12% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 9 gr/lt


lower than 10 mg/lt


Deep purple, intense


Hints of marmalade of red berries, delicate notes of violet


Soft spicy, harmonious.

Food pairing

Ideal with Mediterranean dishes, pasta, tomato sauce and pizza

Serving temperature

16-18° C


750 ml