Pinot Nero DOC Venezia

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Red and White wines
1 bottle package
We really care about the responsibility of respecting and protecting our planet, for this reason we try to improve every day. The new line “BACK TO BASIC” minimizes the environmental impact of the wine’s supply chain. From the organic grapes that come from the own farm, to the glass produced from 94% of recycled materials, to the label that is obtained from the deviation of the cotton production, until arriving to the cork that allows to compensate a CO2 level equal to 297 g.  BACK TO BASIC is a project created intentionally on the 40th year of activity of the winery, that celebrates by embracing the concept of “basic” intended as a celebration of essential and identity-related values of the company.
Additional information

This wine is produced following a classic red vinification. The hand-picked grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. This is followed by the grafting of selected yeasts which will allow the start of alcoholic fermentation for a duration of about 4-5 days; in the meantime, the pumping over and fulling operations are carried out which favor the extraction of the polyphenolic compounds, which characterize this wine. After the maceration period, a soft pressing is carried out which allows to separate the marc from the wine: at this point, after a series of decanting, the wine will be aged in steel tanks until the moment of filtration and we will proceed to the bottling phase.


12.5% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 2 gr/lt


Pale ruby red color with a slight garnet hue.


Aroma reminiscent of berries, blackberry, plum jam with notes of licorice.


In the mouth the wine is delicate, fruity and typically acidulous. Its light tannin gives it a full and pleasantly long taste.

Food pairing

First courses such as structured risotto or with red or white meat main courses.

Serving temperature

16 -18 ° C


750 ml

Additional notes

The organic and vegan certified grapes come from the own farm’s vineyards. The bottle is in 94% recycled glass. The 100% sustainable cork, as the capsule and paperboard packaging, derives from recycled materials. The label is obtained from the deviation of cotton production and it was employed a reduced use of ink.