Merlot DOC Venezia

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Red and White wines
1 bottle package
A very ancient wine, which spread from the nineteenth century in Italy and in particular in Veneto, especially in the areas where the residences of Venetian nobles were located. This wine was also consumed by the farming families of the time; for this reason it is considered one of the wines that best represent the Venetian wine tradition. The Venice Merlot DOC is a must in any "Bacaro", very popular places typical of Venetian tourism; ours is organic and is a very versatile red; inevitable on the table for a dinner with an enveloping and convivial atmosphere.
Additional information

Classic red vinification. Fermentation occurs in contact between skins and must for around 6-10 days in order to extract more colorant substances from the skins.


12% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 5 gr/lt


Deep intense ruby.


Peasant floreal notes of violet, distinctly fruity with aromas of blackberry. A delicate nuances of pepper.


Dry, full-bodied, tannic and fruity.

Food pairing

Ideal with dishes based on “muscolo di grano” or with seitan stew/skewer.

Serving temperature

16-18° C


375 ml | 750 ml