No Added Sulphites Merlot IGT Veneto

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Red and White wines
1 bottle package
Our no added sulphites organic Merlot IGT Veneto is a wine whose name appeared for the first time in 1824 in a treatise on Médoc wines, the same that outlines the origins of the name: this name was given because of blackbirds’ appreciation of vine’s berries. Merlot is a very early vine, a characteristic that allows it to easily adapt to the climates of the entire wine world. It loves wet soils, rich in clay and fats; the most widely used training system is single and bilateral guyot. Its berries are large and the skin is thin. Our organic merlot is a vine that soon germinates, its clusters are compact, with rather small berries of very dark blue colour. The dragonfly designed on the label has been chosen to identify its presence in our organic vineyards: a sign of a clean environment, free of chemical contamination and rich in its natural biodiversity.
Additional information

Classic red vinification without the addition of sulfur dioxide. We choose the best and heathiest Merlot grapes. The fermentation is activated with selected yeasts low producers of sulfur dioxide and takes place with the bowls at a temperature of 25°C for one week. Then the wine is filtered in a sterile manner and stored in tanks at a controlled temperature to avoid possible oxidation.


12% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 5 gr/lt


lower than 10 mg/lt


Deep ruby tending to purple.


Hints of delicate red berries, full.


Smooth, soft and harmonious, tannic.

Food pairing

Ideal with any dish of Mediterranean cuisine. A wine to have every day on the table.

Serving temperature

16-18° C


750 ml