Cabernet DOC Venezia

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Red and White wines
1 bottle package
Cabernet Sauvignon Doc Venezia is one of the varieties considered ideal for the production of high quality and very long-lived wines. The peculiarity of this vine is its good ability to adapt to the most diverse climatic conditions and wine-making methods. Our Cabernet Sauvignon Doc Venezia is the result of a vinification in classic red with aging in steel and is a vegan wine, like all our wines, since it respects all the parameters that allow having the certification, therefore no animal adjuvant from the vineyard to the cellar.
Additional information

Classical red vinification. Fermentation occurs in contact between skins and must for around 6-10 days in order to extract more colorant substances from the skins.


12% Vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 5 gr/lt


Deep ruby, intense


Vinous, reminescent of red fruits and blackberry jam


Slightly grassy, reminescent of violets

Food pairing

Ideal with vegetarian and/or vegan savory dishes, as vegetable soups

Serving temperature

16-18° C


750 ml