No Added Sulphites Cabernet IGT Veneto

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Red and White wines
1 bottle package
Our no added sulphites organic Cabernet IGT Veneto derives from the homonymous vine which stands out for having a medium / late maturation, like many international wines, and being particularly vigorous. It is very strong, resistant to various climatic conditions and can keep its organoleptic characteristics intact, perfectly adapting to the soil in which it is found. The berries are small and have a characteristic bluish colour, whose skin is rich in tannins and pigments. All our reds with no added sulphites, as well as our organic Cabernet, are bottled using the screw cap as it allows to hermetically seal the bottle and prevent oxygen passages that would compromise the naturalness of the wine itself, being precisely without preservatives.
Additional information

Classic red vinification without the addition of sulfur dioxide. We choose the best and heathy grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon. The fermentation is activated with selected yeasts low producers of sulfur dioxide and takes place with the bowls at a temperature of 25°C for one week. Then the wine is filtered in sterile manner and stored in tanks at a controlled temperature to avoid possible oxidation.


12% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 5 gr/lt


lower than 10 mg/lt


Deep purple, intense.


Smooth, soft and harmonious


Fruity with hints of red berries, herbaceous, full

Food pairing

Ideal with aged cheeses, cereal soups, dishes based on truffle. Great with fat and rich in flavor dishes

Serving temperature

16-18° C


750 ml