Grappa Riserva del Nonno Gino

Organic and Vegan Certified

Bitter and After Dinner
1 bottle package
Grappa is the expression of a millenary culture and tradition that consists in the extraction of what is still good in the residues of wine processing such as the pomace which the skilled hands of master distillers transform in quality raw materials to wisely ennoble to produce our national brandy. Grappa is a unique distillate of its kind. Italian by name, tradition and by law. Our Gino Grandpa Riserva Grappa has an amber colour and a scent reminiscent of liqueur wines, with floral and seasoned wood notes and toasted almonds hints, acquired thanks to its aging. Excellent as a after-meal digestive. Organic meditation grappa.
Additional information

Grappa is the expression of a culture and an ancient tradition which consists in extracting the good remainings during the wine making that, in the skilled hands of master distillers, become quality raw materials to ennoble wisely for the production of our national spirit. Grappa is a unique distillate. Italian by name, tradition and legally.


40% vol




Recalls fortified wines and floral notes that meet weathered wood and toasted almonds notes.


Delicate and refined.

Food pairing

As digestive, to complete a meal.

Serving temperature

10 - 12° C


500 ml (available in box of 1 to 6 bottles).


The alcoholic content is high: drink responsibly.