Raboso del Piave DOC Straw red wine “Donna Luna”

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Bitter and After Dinner
1 bottle package

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Straw Red wine “Donna Luna” is the result of a complex work process, as it requires the grapes to be harvested and selected by hand to be subsequently subjected to a forced withering process.  The drying period, which lasts about 3 months in a dehumidified room, allows the elimination of the water present in the grape in order to concentrate as much as possible all the substances it contains, including sugars.
Additional information

The best grapes of Raboso wither for 3 months in a room in dehumidification forced. Reached the desired level of sugar, we start a red classic vinification. No wood aging.


14% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 90 gr/lt


Deep purple, very intense.


Intense aroma of chocolate and blackberry jam, balsamic herbs.


Soft and cozy with a good acidity.

Food pairing

Ideal with dry pastries, cheeses and dark chocolate.

Serving temperature

16 - 18° C


500 ml