Veneto IGT Straw white wine “Alba Chiara”

Organic and Vegan Certified Wine

Bitter and After Dinner
1 bottle package
Straw white wine “Alba Chiara” is the result of a complex work process, as it requires the grapes to be harvested and selected by hand to be subsequently subjected to a forced withering process. The drying period, which lasts about 3 months in a dehumidified room, allows the elimination of the water present in the grape in order to concentrate as much as possible all the substances it contains. Commitment and perseverance in producing the excellent organic white Straw white wine "Alba Chiara"  of high quality allowed us to receive numerous awards.
Additional information

The best white grapes wither for 3 months in a room in dehumidification forced. When we reach the desired level of sugar, we start a classical vinification in white. No wood aging.


14% vol

Residual Sugar Index

around 140 gr/lt


Bright golden yellow with amber.


Intense, delicate, pleasing.


Warm, persistent with aromatic nuances that suggest honey and apricot jam.

Food pairing

Meditation wine, excellent with pastries and cheeses.

Serving temperature

12 - 14° C


500 ml

2015 Vintage Awards

"Best Of Bio Wine 2016".

2016 Vintage Awards

Silver Medal at AWC Vienna 2017.