Wine consumption in times of Covid-19: reflections, data and numbers from our winery!

The wine market has profoundly changed in the last months due to Covid-19 pandemic.
As a consequence of restaurants, bars and wine stores having closed their doors to the public, the negative trend of the Horeca channel has inevitably impacted on the producers who relied on this distribution channel. Some producers tackled the difficult situation by implementing or reinforcing their direct e-commerce platforms and wine delivery services. As a matter of fact, tech-devices have become approachable also for consumers who until only recently had been less prone to this purchase method. Large retail groups, together with grocery and liquor stores are leading wine sales as they have remained open thus offering their customers the possibility to drink wine at home. This new way of enjoying wine has shifted preferences from fine wine to everyday sippers, both because of their price and their being true family-pleasers.

Green light then to table wines packaged in different containers from standard bottles to Tetra Pak® and bag in boxes, preferably red rather than white or sparkling. Sales of Sparkling wine across the globe in fact have notably decreased – Champagne sales having dropped by approximately 80% – whereas Italian and Spanish sparklers luckily have suffered less serious losses. We can ascribe such decreased consumption to a lack of social and get-together occasions which used to have a strong seasonal impact on the consumption of this style of wine in the period from early spring to late summer.

We fit perfectly in the scenario described above. Our e-commerce domestic sales have boomed (+120%) with customers seeming to prefer sulfite-free bottlings. Locally, cellar-door sales have been replaced by door-step deliveries.

Sales of medium-priced wines through specialist supermarkets have shown the highest increase (i.e. Cabernet, sulfite-free Merlot and Prosecco DOC) without any aid from promotional activity, which is not permitted by many chains. Our sparklers are also bucking the trend mainly thanks to our MUSE line – introduced less than one year ago – which is getting ready for a successful summer.