We are proud to tell you that now we are a Società Benefit!

We approved and signed the new Statute setting the turning of our company into a “Società Benefit” off, on behalf of a sustainable commitment. Among the future goals there is also the B-Corp certification!

The path towards a real and concrete sustainability is completely to be taken and it never has a final destination: we are proud to tell you that now we are a Società Benefit! Società Benefit (SB) is an innovative business model, that through its actions, beyond the profit-making purpose, is yearly committed to pursuing one or more common benefit goals, namely some goals having a positive effect (or an effect limiting a negative one) on the society, the environment and the stakeholders working with the company. Currently in Italy there are 926 Società Benefit, and the trend has been constantly increasing since 2016, the year in which this corporate legal form has been introduced in our country.

Let’s read what our President Settimo Pizzolato has told us:

We are proud of this new goal: Cantina Pizzolato has always stood for the attention towards the environment out, carrying sustainable-driven practices out and setting since forever its sights on organic agriculture, even in the past when it was not so common. To me and my family this is an important commitment, but the real purpose to become a SB is linked to the future generations that will be at the helm of the company, whose philosophy and stamp will always be the same”.

The new statute stimulates us to pursue goals connected to the conservation and rehabilitation of our territory , to contribute to the wine making research and experimentation, to improve day by day our company practices paying attention to social and environmental issues and to create a working environment guaranteeing people’s health and safety, through a worker welfare company assistance plan, activities educating to sustainability and medical affiliations.

“To us to be a Società Benefit, as it is the sustainability concept, is not a final aim, but a step towards future goals such as the B-Corporation certification, which is issued by B Lab, a no-profit society promoting a new way to run a business, through the B Impact Assessment (BIA) measurement standard which establishes necessary and controlled requirements. Both to us and to the final customer it will be essential to quantify the impact of our company over the environment in order to carry out a series of good practices that will allow us to reach as soon as possible a zero impact on the environment”.

These good practices and actions are coherent with the social report process we have been implementing in the last years, also publishing our yearly sustainability reports. A path pointing out our willingness to be cutting-edge and to support innovative and sustainable practices placing both the territory and people at the centre.