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Innovation and research in the field of organic farming have always distinguished La Cantina Pizzolato of Villorba which was founded in 1985 with the experience of five generations of families who chose to live in harmony with the environment. A long journey dedicated to organic production, certified since 1991, which today make the Settimo Pizzolato winery, one of the leading companies in the production and export of ORGANIC WINES. The winery is located in a strategic area, between the Piave and the Dolomites into the famous land of  Prosecco DOC in Treviso, just 30 km from our famous Venice.

Come and visit us and immerse yourself in our healthy lands: the tours want to be gastronomic and italian experiences that through the wines tasting make you taste the history and passion of a territory. Winery Bio Tours last about one hour and a half, from a walk in the vineyards, to a suspended walkway that will allow to know every moment of the production from grape to bottle, to end with the italian wine tasting. The visit will end with a guided wine tasting of different types of organic wines in the charming barrique area.

We offer the following types of guided tours and these tasting wines typologies: 

Visit and Tasting – TRADITION BIO TOUR

Pages of a story to tell… The visit begins with a walk in the vineyard and with the description of […]


Straight to the DOC Prosecco land… The visit begins with a walk in the vineyard to discover the Glera vine […]


Anecdotes and curiosities about Raboso, the vine of Veneto… The visit starts with a walk in the Raboso vineyard, then […]

Visit and Tasting – PIWI BIO TOUR

Resistant vines and Piwi wines, the last organic frontier between sustainability and the environment… The word PIWI is an acronym […]

Organic Vineyards Tour – BIKE BIO TOUR

A special tour dedicated to bike lovers… available from May to September! We will accompany you along a 5 km […]

Organic Experience Gift – Give the visit and the wine tasting

It is possible to give the organic experience of our vineyards by booking your favorite bio tour, date and time, […]

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