We are in 1981...

The winery Pizzolato Settimo & Gino was founded in 1981. Initially the company focused on the cattle industry, the cultivation and harvesting of fruit and vegetables, in particular kiwi, peaches and strawberries. “I chose to help my father running our farm in 1981. I began to seek alternative methods to chemicals such as integrated pest management practices.

The grapes and wine were excellent products among all the agricultural products and soon demonstrated a positive response to organic methods. In 1991 the wine produced began to be inspected and be certified by an inspection body in accordance with Reg. EEC n. 2092/91; also the winemaking and bottling techniques became regulated by a new European statute on organic wine. The winery obtained the organic certification in 1991, the year in which certification system were born in Italy.

It's been more than 35 harvests...

The same wine that me and my family used to drink at the table, was labeled and sent to a foreign country, far away: thus concretized my dream to let others taste the fruit of my land. It’s been more than thirty-five harvests and I feel like I have lived so many lives; each year, each vintage is an adventure in itself, difficult, unique and unforgettable.

More than 35 harvests and so many moments lived as a family. Settimo remembers: “There were many people harvesting the grapes, we were a big family. It was a time of celebration and we never felt tired. Grandma Giselda used to bring us a snack that most of the times consisted of a good sandwich and a “goto de quel bon– a glass of the good one, and we all loved it. We used to call my dad Gino as “Barba”, that means beard, beacuse of his famous beard. I can still remember it echoing in the fields. From that nickname “Barba” was born the name of our prestigious wine –Barbarossa DOCG Malanotte. And then I remember how the voices and the noises that used to accompany us during the day, used to slowly diminish and until the silence in our vineyards“.

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