We produce organic wine from 1981…


La Cantina Pizzolato was born in 1985 backed by the experience of five generations of families who chose to live in harmony with the environment and to produce organic wine. Organic is our lifestyle, and with the experience we are able to address the critical issues of vintages that put a strain on the protection of the grape. This clean and pristine nature, the vine grows and produces fruits balanced, natural, organic precisely because in our cellar exists:

– Respect for the cycles of nature

– The refusal to use chemicals and pesticides in the vineyard

– The use of alternative energy through the installation of solar panels

– Water recycling and the focus on the environment

– The use of innovative technologies and energy-efficient

– The use of recyclable materials in our packaging.

If we produce organic wine since 1985, is since 1991 that the company is controlled and certified by an inspection body in accordance with EEC Reg. No. 2092/91 and also winemaking and bottling are regulated by a new European statute on organic wine.
All the wines from the cellar and products offered on this site are organic: discover our organic wines or if you prefer to buy online our organic wine directly from our shop!

Do You know that Cantina Pizzolato also produces vegan wines? find out more!