The new vintage of Novello Piwi is coming in October, between modernity and history

From October 2022 our NOVELLO PIWI with no added sulphites will be available again: a symbol of the union between tradition and modernity, past and future, customs and innovations.

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Young, with a ruby red color with intense purple reflections and a fruity and harmonious aroma, the perfect wine to be enjoyed with warm autumn flavors.

Novello is obtained through the process of carbonic maceration: the bunches of grapes just picked and not de-stemmed are overturned in an airtight tank that is saturated with carbon dioxide, where the sqeezing of the bunches takes place naturally thanks to the grapes above, this produces the formation of must which, using enzymes, starts the malolactic fermentation phase, generating alcohol and further carbon dioxide. The vinification method used allows to fully enhance the aromas and softness of the resulting wine, as it favors the migration of pigments and other substances from the skin to the pulp.

For us the Novello is a wine that perfectly matches with both concepts of modernity and history and antiquity.
Novello wine, also called “autumn wine”, is a very historical wine, whose creation is attested in 1930, when a group of scientists by chance discovered a new method of vinification: this technique, now called carbonic maceration, it was, over the years, studied and refined. This process allows a very fast fermentation, thanks to which the wine produced is light and aromatic.

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Novello, more than any other wine, represents the wine making tradition: it is the first wine of the year which is consumed right after the harvest. It represents and compensates the hard work of the previous months, especially accompanied by its trusted companions: the roasted chestnuts. Novello and roasted chestnuts is a culinary combination with a long history: in the past, in fact, there was the tradition among farmers of the plains and hills and shepherds of the mountains to exchange these two autumn products with each other.
For us, Novello wine is the emblem of the company philosophy: organic quality, vegan certification, with no added sulphites and produced from resistant grapes. This is why it is also a symbol of modernity for our company.

As a matter of fact, this wine was the first wine produced with grapes derived from resistant vines, defined PIWI vines, which represent the future of oenological and organic viticulture, since they allow to use fewer treatments due to their resistance to typical diseases of the vine, such as powdery mildew and downy mildew.

The fact that it is a wine without added sulphites increases its value, becoming a tribute to naturalness and sharing, as it can be enjoyed by all consumers.


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On October 30, our winery will be tinged with the autumnal colors and will celebrate the release of Novello PIWI wine with no added sulphites vintage 2022. During the day our Novello will be embellished by the presence of skilled artisans capable of giving new life to classic objects of the past, a real hymn to recycling and creative reuse, an incentive not to throw away the objects of the past but to reuse them reinventing them in a modern way. A festival dedicated to this historic wine that has become a symbol of innovation for us.
A whole day full of fun and creative reuse where you can taste the first wine of the 2022 vintage among guided tours of the cellar, guided lessons on PIWI wines and many other news … stay tuned for the complete program of the event.