The entire line without added sulphites made with labels recycled from the grape-marc

Over the years, the winery has been committed to discovering and studying sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives and solutions, including in creating the packaging of the wine bottles. Great importance and attention are given to our line of wines with no added sulphites born in 2007. In 2018, the Novello, the first wine of the new vintage, was presented with a new and completely recycled label. In the following years, the entire line of sulphite-free wines dressed in this particular and natural dress. We cannot forget to mention our Spumante Prosecco DOC with no added sulphites, which in addition to the label has also an illustrative tissue and green raffia!

A label produced in recycled paper made with 15% of grape-marc from the cellar and whose remaining paper contains 40% post-consumer recycled fibers and 45% virgin cellulose from the Avery Denninson group.

“This particular type of paper is an ecological innovation, a sustainable and innovative choice of the cellar, with regards to a 100% green future and environmental protection, fundamental aspects on which the lifestyle of the company is based, certified organic since 1991. We adopt a perspective of greater recycling than the production waste during the harvest “- says Sabrina Rodelli, sales manager of the winery.