What does it mean sustainability for us?

For us, sustainability means REFLECTION, ATTENTION, RESPECT. A fundamental value of our company that inspires us to develop standards of respect and attention towards the environment, with the engagement of thinking to the long- term period. We want to satisfy the exigencies of the present without compromising the next generations’ skills to satisfy theirs: this is the real mean to work in a sustainable way! A less quantity of waste, an eco-label or a cork with low CO2 emissions are some of the moves we are making towards a green future.

“Today sustainability road is a 6- lane motorway. To us, this is the only viable” – Sabrina Rodelli, export manager.

Sustainability in vineyard

Our vineyards are the green lung of the estate. Since ever we are certified ORGANIC, and from 2012 also VEGAN. We are always looking for innovative sustainable solutions also in our vineyards. The use of drift recovery sprayers and last generation machines allow us to avoid dispersing in the environment sulphur and copper residuals. Also, in harvest, the attentions are many, like the reuse of our grape seeds from which we obtain our grapes and an organic food oil. Not least, one of the more developed area is R&D: from the “MI.DI.FEN.DO” project, linked to the researches about the vine natural defenses against Flavescence Dorée, to the FUNGAL DISEASES RESISTANT GRAPE VARIETIES, vines which advantage is the low number of effectuated treatments that varies from 2 to 4 per year and the consequent environmental impact for their cultivation, that is reduced until 90%.

Sustainability in the winery

It is not only the viticulture to be sustainable, but this philosophy extends to the whole winery. From the receptive structure in beechwood, CERTIFIED PEFC, derived from the Cansiglio controlled Forests, to the photovoltaic energy with 570 panels that cover the cellar’s roof (and about 89 tons of CO2 are saved annually). An innovative company, always in movement with specialized remote monitoring of the winery’s operations, in the vinification area and in the analysis laboratory controls are made with a robotic multi- parameter analysis system. Even in bottling, the projects are many, as “Cycle4green” that allows us to recycle discarded silicone papers during the labelling process. Winery means people: the main place that accommodates our STAFF, it is also tied to professional growth and education of respect concepts, regulated and protected by an ethic code and a BSCI code (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

Sustainability in wines

In our different proposals, it exists a common line that links the essential choice of certified organic quality to all our wines with the selection of a packaging that reflects and respects this philosophy. Our suppliers, in this case, become a fundamental part of our projects.

From the label designed to no added sulphites line, made up by 15% of grape skins and recycled paper, to DOC line composed by COMPLETELY RECYCLED GLASS. The use of boxes 100% recycled, the attention to cork or the always more sustainable labels backdrop this unique and essential decision. The supported projects are a lot: from communicative sensibilization to the REUSE OF GLASS, like our “M- Use” line to “ETICO” project through which we gave birth to discarded cork.



How we contribute? Agenda 2030

AGENDA 2030 for the sustainable development is an action program addressed to people, the planet and prosperity, subscribed in September 2015 by the Governments of 193 UN Member states. This incorporates 17 Goals for the Sustainable Development– SDGs- in a large action program for a total of 169 targets or achievements.

‘Common goals’ means that concern all Countries and all individuals: nobody is excluded and has to get left behind along the necessary path to bring the world on the sustainability road. We too choose and feel the responsibility to make a difference to reach these common goals in which nobody is excluded.

Vai ai goals

Transparency and communication: social budgets and highlights

Annually we choose to adopt SOCIAL BUDGETS like a tool to generate interest and attention for the environment and to create synergies and desire to think with a long- term perspective. The goal that we prefixed is to give an account, with extreme TRANSPARENCY, of our industrial activities impact, in all their totality, in the social and environmental context, by illustrating philosophies, policies and engagement towards clients, employees, environment and community. We desire, that through this tool, who choose a bottle of our wine may deeply understand our ideas and values that inspire our work.

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