Sunny Farm: a new wine line that is the bearer of a message about sustainability and attention towards the environment

Wear the green glasses and look at the world with a 100% green perspective!

What will happen if we all wear the green glasses and look at the world?

Everything would light up, there would be more respect and greater attention towards sustainable choices, without taking advantage and exploiting the resources the Earth is offering us.

And these are the premises at the base of Sunny Farm, a line of wines coming from all over Italy: Prosecco DOC, Prosecco DOC Rosé, Chianti DOCG, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, Nero d’Avola DOC Sicilia, Primitivo IGT Puglia, Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia and lastly a fizzy white and a fizzy rosé, all organic and vegan certified.

Wines expressing the different and distinctive terroirs, but with a unique purpose, that of transmit an increasingly up-to date and urgent message: to preserve the planet in which we live.

Every label is identified by a different animal living in the “Sunny Farm” and each of them, wearing its green glasses is the bearer of messages and teachings linked to sustainability and environment and animal safeguard. The new labels will be available starting from March 2022.

A great news of this line concerns the packaging. Beyond the common light glass bottle and the labels made with recycled paper, we though about an even more sustainable alternative: the can. A trend increasingly growing, a new, practical and 100% eco-friendly product: being made with aluminum, cans are recyclable an infinite number of times. Perfect in any occasion, from parties and aperitives with friends, up to single home dinners when you want to drink just the amount of two wine glasses without opening an entire bottle and pair it with your favourite food. A new product available from the end of November 2021.

A new way to taste wine, under a “new light”. The green light pointing out the right path to follow, that light which should be our daily choice. Only thanks to the little precautions and respecting the nature hosting us, we will have the chance to leave the future generations a better world to live.

Visit the website and discover the Sunny Farm world…many surprises are waiting for you!