Prosecco DOC Rosè: trends, numbers and projections about pink bubbles!

First released towards the end of one of the most difficult economic eras, Prosecco DOC Rosé has hit record sales for a new product. In the run up to Christmas 2020 more than 13 million bottles had already been sold.

At the end of last year, just before the launch of the new sparkler, the Consortium medium-term estimates on the production of Prosecco DOC Rosé neared 30 million bottles.

Pizzolato’s total sales to date with reference to the 2019 and 2020 vintages amount approximately to 20,000 bottles distributed amongst the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy.

These are the current figures at both domestic and international level:

The intention of launching this new product, as outlined in one of our previous articles, stemmed from a study carried out by the Prosecco DOC Consortium in 2018 according to which wine consumers were evidently confused about the meaning of rosé sparkling wine so much so that most of them – in Italy and abroad – thought they had already had Prosecco Rosé. Hence the need for the Consortium to standardise and regulate its production so that consumers are assured that what they are buying is a distinctive quality rosé sparkling wine, from a designated production area. According to Article 2 of the Prosecco DOC Wine Production regulations:

“The sparkling rosé wine style must be obtained from the following grape varieties: Glera B. (min. 85 %, max. 90 %) and skin-fermented Pinot Nero (min. 10 %, max. 15 %). This varietal composition makes it possible to achieve the ‘rosé’ colour.”

Prosecco Rosé marks a new way of getting together, sharing experiences and unwinding, or more in general a new way of socializing. The pink hue in itself is reflective of the unique personality it expresses, versatile enough to accompany any occasion with amazing grace and elegance… Yes, time has finally come: DARE TO GO PINK!

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