Planet Piwi has taken on a pink hue: Hurrà first ever Rosé has just landed!

Check out our new milestone. Hurrà from Prior resistant grapes has just landed on planet PIWI.

We landed on Planet PIWI in 2017:  the planet is now tinged with new hues, perfumes and flavours. Fungus resistant grape varieties (i.e. those created by crossing vinifera varieties with North American species) represent the outcome of a long research program driven by innovation and sustainability that will allow wine producers to reduce mildew applications to 2-4 per year for a lesser environmental impact.                                                

Our journey has led us to presenting A NEW PIWI WINE: “Hurrà” semi-sparkling col fondo rosé has officially been released. This brand new bottling gest its vibrant pink tones from the gentle pressing of Prior dark-skinned grapes – after destemming and crushing – whose aim is to promote Hurrà’s distinctive pink nuances.     The wine is wild fermented with ambient yeasts lending delicate bread crust aromas typical of col fondo wines. Red berry aromas of wild strawberry and pomegranate lead the way along with citrusy suggestions of pink raspberry and orange that make it pleasantly harmonious and delicious to sip.

The citrusy edge of “Hurrà” calls for risotto with scampi and citrus fruit, a savoury yet refined dish. But this frizzante is also an excellent summer aperitif wine. Hurrà too, like all the Pizzolato PIWIs, lends itself to unusual, extreme food pairings that tickle the taste buds and awaken the senses; why not try unusual pairings in line with our “Be UnConvEntional” motto? Make sure you gently turn the bottle upside down if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to taste Hurrà with a slight haze coming from its own native yeasts and get a full PIWI EXPERIENCE.

Download Hurrà tech sheet

Did you know?

The names given to our PIWI wines evoke the imaginary world of exploration, travel and discovery. After embarking on our journey with “Huakai”, by means of “Kontiki” to reach the final destination “Hoopa”, its time to rejoice with the team for accomplishing the journey.

“Hurrà” is our hymn to freedom, togetherness, and happiness for belonging to the same crew. It celebrates the discovery of the PIWI planet. The wine’s name is derived from Sayyida al-Hurra, a female pirate known as the “Lioness of Morocco”.

The “explanatory” label outlines all the stages of Pizzolato’s journey into the PIWI world. Remember to peel off the label to embark with us on this amazing discovery adventure.