Pizzolato Get Together 2022: when values are shared, projects become real!

The 27th and 28th of May have been days full of emotions: our Ambassadors from all over the world visited us.

Pizzolato Get Together, the event that took place on the 27th and 28th of May, has been unforgettable: an idea, strongly desired by Settimo & Sabrina, which was born from the wish to finally meet in person again. Thought as an opportunity of constructive discussion between the company and some of the main Pizzolato’s Ambassadors, Get Together 2022 turned out to be an experience of mutual enrichment, where conviviality and willingness to strengthen the business relations acted as a master. Clients coming from 14 different foreign countries, some of them even from overseas, such as United States, Canada and Japan, have been the protagonists of the event: a real occasion to develop and enhance the personal and professional relation with those people bringing Pizzolato brand around the world.

We strongly desired to personally meet again those people who have been choosing our wines to make them known in Europe and in the world for many years. After two years in which it has been really difficult to strengthen the personal relations, to host our Ambassadors has been both to me and my family an enormous emotion!” – Settimo Pizzolato

The event has been full of meetings, masterclasses and inspirations that further enriched the relationship between the company and the clients; we had the chance to celebrate the achieved results and to discuss together the next goals and projects which have as main focus the knowledge of our wines and our territory around the world. Two days in which we entirely shown our company, our 100% organically conducted vineyards and all the productive areas of our green winery. We had the opportunity to “breathe” the present and the future with the coming projects that the Pizzolato Holding have in the pipeline for the next years.

I hope it has been a professional and enriching occasion for our Ambassadors and we hope to have been able to transmit the philosophy of our company which is projected towards the future but always having in mind the roots and the values we talked about during the event, Environment, People, Planet and Future” – Sabrina Rodelli

With the wish to be able to face the future and the coming challenges together with our clients, as a real team, and with the desire to always have new goals and the necessary ambition to innovate ourselves, we really thank all the people who took part to Get Together 2022: our Ambassadors and the whole Pizzolato Team!