Our winery among the 30 most beautiful wineries in Italy: a reflection of the culture of wine and sustainable design.

“[…]The new ‘wine cathedrals’, designed by world-famous leading architects, have become true tourist attractions where aesthetics, design, technology and performance are blended together”. These are the opening lines from an article by Costanza Ruggeri of SkyTG 24 about the most beautiful Italian design-led wineries. We are proud to have been featured in this special list that merges wine and design through a contemporary and sustainable lense on these boutique buildings that bejewel the landscape of Italy!

Our winery building was designed by MADE associate Treviso-based architectural firm, owned by architects Adriano Marangon and Michela De Poli. The office section is laid out in a way to be representative of our company, and is directly linked to the open space via the ground floor where the reception, wine shop and lab areas are located. A suspended walkway connects the three spacial levels of the building with all the production stages, in a continuum (which is not just visual) that starts from the vineyard and culminates in the glass. The winery volume is covered in a PEFC certified ‘wooden skin’ consisting of vertical screening battens made from beech wood sourced from the Cansiglio Forest and whose oxidation over time will contribute to the landscape integration of the building with the surroundings.

The paved patio has often hosted events linked to the company’s activities.
Our winery reflects a radical choice made with the aim of embracing over time each aspect of the production process: from the use of clean self-produced energy generated by a PV system installed in 2017 on the winery roof, consisting of 570 solar panels, to waste reduction by means of state-of-the-art systems including an energy-efficient water purification system.

There’s some great news on the way with our newly introduced weekend opening hours: you can book a Bio Tour with guided tasting or visit our wine shop where you can buy our certified organic and vegan wines!

Pick a BIO Tour!

Monday-Friday 9:00 / 10:30 / 15:00 / 16.30
Saturday and Sunday on request writing to welcome@agricolapizzolato.com
Monday-Friday in winery 9:00-12:30 / 15:00-18:30 – Saturday Morning in Officina del vino 09.00-12.30

Come and visit us for an immersive wine experience in our ecologically-sound and healthy environment and get a taste of the history and uniqueness of our region.
Each tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and represents a unique experience. Starting with a stroll in the vineyards followed by a walk over a suspended walkway you will get to know each stage of production ‘from grape to bottle’. Each tour culminates with the tasting of a selection of our organic wines.

You can choose among the following guided BIO TOURS and tastings:

Tradition Bio tour: experience the essence of Cantina Pizzolato with a retrospective look into the history of the Pizzolato family, their home territory and the palladian style villa which saw the birth and expansion of the winery as it is today.

Prosecco Experience Bio tour: enjoy a full immersion into the land of Prosecco DOC, preserved for generations by the caring hands of local farmers. Learn all the secrets of the most famous bubbles in the world!

Raboso Experience Bio tour: learn about the Raboso variety and the origin of this ancient wine. Its name, according to many historians, is believed to derive from a tributary of the Piave river whose historic importance for the Italian nation is linked to the role it played in the First World War.

PIWI Bio Tour: discover the yet unkonwn world of ‘PIWI wines’, bound to take center stage in organic viticulture. These are wines made from varieties resistant to common grape fungal diseases which have been developed via biological research.

Bike Bio Tour: we will escort you through a 4 km immersive tour of our organic vineyards and give you a deeper insight into organics through a 9-stage tour guided by our passionate wine staff.

A winery constantly on the move which turns into a large space where things and emotions happen at events, evening tastings and through activities open to everyone. My aim is to make more affordable and widely accessible finished products. We are now open on Saturdays and Sunday too” – Settimo Pizzolato.

Our winery has earned several architectural awards and recognitions over the years. One of our most important achievements was being on show at the Italian Pavilion during the International Architecture Exhibition ‘Biennale di Architettura 2018’ for being a “project implemented in harmony with the surrounding landscape according to philosophies that combine architecture with social responsibility.”

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