Our mission can be perfectly compared to the image of a vine plant whose strong roots reflect the respect and the valorisation of the territory, the trunk represents the organic method, its branched-out leaves are the relationship of trust with our clients, and its fruits the results of an innovative development towards the future and culture.

The company’s main objective is certainly working respecting the environment in which it grows and enhancing the excellent features of a territory suitable for vineyard cultivation. We are constantly committed to adopt a health and correct approach of the farming and winery methods, always keeping control of every manufacturing process, from the vine to the bottle, always and chiefly focusing on the quality of our wines. We are predisposed towards the use of key elements which have never been more relevant as they are today, such as the respect for natural cycles, the employment of alternative energy, through the installation of solar panels, water recycling and the use of innovative energy-effective technologies.

Moreover, even our building is perfectly integrated in the territory housing it; as a matter of fact, it is covered  in wooden planks made in Italy, from beech forests of Cansiglio, controlled and managed in a correct way, and processed according to the typical artisan workmanship. The labels and packaging of the products are low environmental impact, too.

Organic farming is not just another of our goals that we pursue day after day, but it has always been a lifestyle, a choice. The difficulties of cultivating in an organic way are faced every day, when the critical years challenge us and, in order to protect the grapes, we must know the natural systems because you cannot, and you do not want to use pesticides. It is a hard road and even bureaucracy is increasingly demanding.

Fortunately, today’s technology helps us as we can refuse the use of harmful elements to the plant, the fruits and the air, protecting our vineyards with copper and sulphur. We do field tests with agronomists, experimenting new products and comparing ourselves with others. Organic is a word that carries within itself very deep concepts of respect, knowledge, well-being and collaboration. Among the numerous certifications obtained, the latest one is that for vegan wine.

One of our greatest responsibilities is the relationship with the customer: for years we have been working commercially in Italian and foreign markets, trying to gain and maintain relationships of trust and transparency. Our main objectives in this field are the satisfaction of the market’s needs and demands  and the elasticity and the business dynamism to satisfy them.

Our reality is dynamic and travels towards the future: what distinguishes the entire company’s philosophy is the timely conviction that innovation and changes are fundamental to meet the market needs and that employment in human resources reinforces the foundation.

It has always been important for us to enhance the wine culture, bringing to this world even those who do not seem to have the right skills. We promote events and exhibitions that bring young people closer to  wine and organic world, in an atmosphere that never forgets how much wine means also culture, sharing and knowledge.