Organic Choice

The many dragonflies that fly in our vineyards are the sign of a pure environment and our organic farming methods.
For this reason, the dragonfly is the symbol of our organic NO ADDED SULPHITES WINES:

We can live without sulphites.

Grapes that grow in an uncontaminated landscape produce an ORGANIC WINE that keeps itself without need of preservatives, producing perfect wine.

Our Mission

The certification itinerary

“Organic” is our lifestyle therefore it was easy receiving the official certification. We were already organic.  We daily face the complications in growing organically. When the difficult years test us, in order to protect the grapes, as we can not and we do not want to use pesticides, it is necessary to know perfectly the natural systems. This is core of what we do. Growing organically is about sharing knowledge and deep respect for the land, in return it repays us with wine that has incredible quality.
Whilst farming with tradition we also use the latest technology that helps us: we perform tests in the fields with agriculturalists, we test and benchmark our new products.
We are pleased to inform you that our wines are now certified as Vegan.

Beyond the organic

The pleasure of organic

Here the vine is in its habitat, where wild herbs grow around it, it is abound with dragonflies, ladybirds and other insects.

Chemicals free vineyards!

In this clean and bucolic landscape, the plants grow and produce balanced fruits expressing its soil. Roots of our vineyards are deep in the hot ground, a loam enriched with minerals, full of stone dragged overtime by Piave river. From our vineyards you can see the mountains, the wonderful Dolomites.

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