Organic is beautiful: bag in box facelift!

Starting from today, our new 3-liter bag in boxes will hold our strictly organic certified vegan white and red wines. Its innovative and completely new graphic design features colours and textures from the Cactus Mania!

The project

We closely watched the market and noticed how the wine business has significantly changed due to the recent pandemic-affected scenario. Demand for ‘family size’ daily sippers has in fact increased ranging from cartons and Tetra Pak packaging to bag-in-box solutions, red wine being ahead of whites and sparklers.
Our bag-in-box facelift reflects our need for leaving nothing to chance! Our philosophy in fact does not embody the idea of first-rate and second-rate wine: everyday wine packaged in convenient bag in boxes, can perfectly complement our family meals: ‘organic’ also means ‘beautiful’!

Its graphic design is immediately recognizable for both our red and white wine versions as it is inspired by the Californian “cactus trend” which is becoming fashionable today especially in the field of interior décor. Many elements found in nature, such as succulents and exotic plants, have taken center stage in our packaging graphic design thus influencing the wine world. Moreover the new boxes have become a storytelling and educational tool thanks to the inclusion of valuable information about our winery sustainable approach and organic farming.

The wine

The word ‘organic’ embodies a host of profound meanings in terms of respect, awareness, welfare and cooperation. This is why we are strongly committed to producing healthy and genuine wine for you all!

I take great pride in knowing that my wine travels across the world to reach people’s tables. Especially if it is enjoyed as a simple everyday pleasure” says Settimo Pizzolato.

The Merlots and Cabernet red grapes as well as the Pinot grigio and Chardonnays ones used in our bag in box blends are filled with, are meticulously tended and processed to give the best fragrance and be the perfect accompaniment to everyday meals.
These wines pair perfectly with light dishes such as fresh salads or delicate vegetable soups and with vegetarian/vegan foods. They are also ideal with the classics from the Mediterranean cuisine.

The accessories

The renewed packaging does not compromise on the ease-of-use of the boxes, as these wines dispensers come with a practical handle and a zero leak tap. In addition, thanks to the vacuum technology of its design and the air-tight valve rest assured that our boxed wine will retain its freshness!
But more news are on the way! Upon request our BIBs can be accessorized with a fabric shopper in the same design pattern. Made entirely from 100% ricycled cotton, this shopper is easy to close and represents both a handy everyday accessory and a sustainability-driven choice in terms of plastic use and waste reduction.

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