1. The order placed on the e-commerce site is accepted and processed by La Cantina Pizzolato SRL only and only if the destination address of that order is located on Italian territory.

2. A customer with a foreign name and a foreign address will not be able to place the order on and will not be able to proceed with the payment of the same. For requests for orders with destinations outside the Italian territory, please send a request for a quote to the email address

3. Cantina Pizzolato srl reserves the right not to accept any order arriving by mistake from the website with a foreign destination and not to provide any refund in the event of orders with foreign headings and / or with foreign shipping addresses.

4. There are no payment methods accepted for orders with header and destination addresses outside the Italian territory.

5. In the event that orders with a foreign shipping address will be placed / requested, the customer will not be able to make the payment because, after sending a summary email, he will be contacted by the customer service of La Cantina Pizzolato srl with its estimate of order, including shipping costs based on weight of or package and delivery address. In the event that the order is addressed to a distributor in the indicated foreign area, the prices of the products may undergo changes which will be indicated in the same order estimate.