Coronavirus-led boom of organic wine: a new global trend!

Sales of organic wine surged during Covid-19 Pandemic. As the Pandemic spread, organic wine global trend increased.

Even before the start of the pandemic the organic wine scene had already shown clear signs of growth. IWSR Drinks Market Analysis Limited had projected that organic wine consumption would hit approximately one million bottles by 2023 with a global market increase of +43% by 2024.                    The outbreak of the pandemic, which brought serious consequences at different levels, has accelerated an already existing trend linked to well-being and “healthy & clean” drinking. One of the global macro-trends of 2021, also confirmed by IWSR, shows how consumers are more likely to buy a wine perceived as “healthy”.

The reason behind the success of organic wines is that even if before the Covid health crisis  consumers had shown increased attention around topics such as environmental protection and healthy food, the current situation has generated further awareness around sustainability. A report by Euromonitor has shown that sustainability sits first in the top 10 consumers’ trends of 2021, and approximately 70% of the industry specialist interviewed confirmed that compared to the pre-Covid era, consumers are now “planet-centric” as they are increasingly aware of the importance of the subject. According to some researches and analyses, consumers are willing to pay up to 30% more for a bottle of organic wine.

Coronavirus has confirmed the global trend in organic wine and has further underlined the importance of health and environmental responsibility, the attention required in terms of a product’s ingredients and authenticity, and how organic wine is capable of combining all these elements.

As far as Cantina Pizzolato is concerned, the healthiness and certifications of our wines are as important as generating awareness among our partners and clients also around the subject of environmental sustainability in respect of production processes and increasingly sustainable packaging solutions.