UE Farming - Euromarchio

It identifies the organic products of European origin. The logo depicts the stars representing the states of the European Union, placed in the shape of a leaf. Next to the European logo must be present the following information: the indispensable information to identify the country, the type of production method, the operator’s code, the code of the inspection body preceded by the wording: Inspection body authorized by MiPAAF.

Piwi International

This international association is an information network. It aims to spread more information about fungus resistant varietals. Its goal is to inform wine producers not only about the benefits but also about the legal aspects of growing and making wine out of fungus resistant varietals.

USDA Organic

All products of agricultural origin that are part of certified wine must in turn be certified in accordance with the NOP (National Organic Program) regulation by the recognized organization of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The winery obtains this certification since 2007.

BIO Suisse

All organic wines exported to Switzerland have to be inspected and certified by an authority recognized by the confederations.

Vegan Friendly

All the wines of the company have the vegan certification since 2012; this means that, at no stage in the production chain, wine comes into contact or are treated with products of animal origin. The clarification of the wine also occurs with a mineral, called bentonite and not with isinglass, albumin and / or other animal products.

BSCI Code - Code of Conduct

The BSCI code (Business Social Compliance Initiative) sources from important international labor standards that protect workers’ rights such as International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and declarations, UN Guiding Principles on Business and human rights and guidelines for multinational companies of the Organization for the Economy Cooperation and Development (OECD).

GMO Free Verified

The wines produced in the company since 2015 are absent from raw materials that derive or contain genetically modified organisms.
The Non-GMO product verification program is the only third-party verification of North America for non-GM products and foods. The Non-GMO project is a non-profit organization that offers a non-GMO third-party verification program to consumers. They are the pioneers and established market leaders: the butterfly crest appeared for the first time on store shelves in 2010.


It identifies the certification body  which the company refers to. BIOS s.r.l. is a Control and Certification Body of the organic production method pursuant to EC Reg. 834/07 and EC Reg. 889/08 authorized by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry Policies for Italy and by the Ministry of Agriculture and Development Rural (MADR) for Romania. Operating since 1999, the structure has grown over the years adding voluntary product certification activities.


Valoritalia is a control body for the certifications of regulated products (PDO, PGI). All the names of the winery are controlled and verified by the institution, from the sparkling DOCG to the DOC Piave, to the Prosecco DOC. The documentary control and the traceability of the wines and the veracity of the bottling takes place to guarantee the consumer.

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