Our Wine Without sulphites are identified by our dragonfly, our purity icon.

We also have a dedicated line of  WINES WITHOUT SULPHITES for which the production process provides a particularly careful in the wine making process, so as to reduce the oxidative processes, or the contact with the air, and any fermentations unwanted, these cases that are accentuated by the lack of preservatives, which are sulfites.



Our wines without sulfites, following precisely gentle processing and scrupulous, without contemplating the use of sulphites or other surrogates, and even less of fining animal or chemistry, however, retain the original characteristics of the grapes come from, helping them rediscover the fragrance in the scents and flavors of the wines of other times.

Particular is the production process of our No Added Sulphites Sparkling Prosecco DOC Brut: after a grapes selection, the process consists of a traditional white vinification but without the addition of sulfur anhydride. The fermentation is so activated with selected yeasts, low producers of sulfur anhydride, and takes place at a controlled temperature of around 14° C. The whole process takes place in steel autoclaves for about two months, where the pressure reaches more of 4.5 atm; later it is filtered.