Tofu with aromatic herbs and orange perfume

Vegan recipe by Daniele Sampalmieri.

This dish, made with a vegan and precious food like tofu is extremely healthy. The combination with our Biological Pinot Grigio DOC from Venice, MAKES it even tastier and unique. Thanks to Daniele Sampalmieri for this fastastic recipe.

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100 gr. of smocked tofu

a spoon of aromatic herbs (save and rosemary)

a spoon of OLIVE oil

a spoon of soy sauce

a spoon of ORANGE juice

a spoon of chopped ginger

salt and pepper



Put the oil in a PAN, a Spoonful of aromatic herbs mixture (put fresh sage and rosemary in equal parts in a mixer, add olive oil,a teaspoon of food yeast and tamari??, blend until it becomes a cream, like “pesto”)

After that add a teaspoon of soy sauce, the tofu cutted in small cubes. Brown the tofu on each side.

Then add a teaspoon of orange juice and cook the tofu for another minute.Turn off the cooker /stove and add a small quantity of orange zest and grated ginger. Add some pepper. Stir well and make the skewers