The sustainability journey go on; the organic purifying machine arrived in the winery!

The winery innovations are increasing, the sustainable philosophy has been reinforced thanks to the choice of an organic water purifier.



The MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) purifier was recommended and supplied by Ecomarca, a company that operates in wastewater treatments’ trade (processing cycles management, water purification).

The MBR is a wastewater purification system: in this system the water is microfiltered through special membranes and the filtered water has a pureness that can allow a 100% recycling. The recycled water is then used for washing processes. The bacteria that grow in the tank due to oxygen are alive bacteria that consume the organic substances present in the wastewater and turn them into clarified water. The word organic indicates that this process is also present in nature.



For a winery, the typical polluting and hydraulic burden requires an appropriate quantity of bacteria able to efficaciously attack minute by minute the polluting substances present in the incoming wastewater. To ensure this process, we have installed directly into the oxidation tank, a pure gaseous oxygen delivery system. This implementation guarantees a high flexibility of the oxygenation system necessary for the organic process to better manage the high organic peaks and flow rate, normally occurring in the harvest period. The system allows to modulate the treatment capacity and to avoid contingent unpleasant odors due to possible lack of oxygen.


20,000 L of water treated per day = approx. 1 mc/hour

50,000 l of water consumed per day during the harvest period (August-October) = approx. 2.5 MC/hour

100% water without bacteria recycled

The choice of this type of purifier was not accidental: this particular purifier is measured to work in different months of the year based on the water actually discharged. This aspect permits only to use, in a very flexible way, the necessary energy according to the purifying needs of that period.


Main features and benefits of the MBR purifier

Ecomarca uses the most advanced available technologies to create purifiers that combine the most technological systems to split purified water to the organic processes. These purifiers are managed by special software that allow the automatic and interactive operation of the water treatment system.


Features                                                                                                Advantages 

Use of immersed membranes —>                         Strong decrease of the total volume (elimination of settler)                                                                           

Filtration with microporous membrane — >      highly purified discharge (water without bacteria) and possible reuse

Membranes in ceramic material —>                       high long lasting

Compactness — >                                                         smaller volumes/spaces at the same flow rate.

Rigid material membrane —>                                   minimum maintenance

Low working pressures — >                                      energy-saving