The season is coming to the end and in our vineyards the countdown for the 2021 harvest has started!

August has begun, the harvest period is coming and in our vineyards it is time to take a stock.

This 2021, under many points of view, will be remembered as an anomalous year. The season started with a winter classified as the second hotter one since 1800 and a spring with a higher temperature of 2.03 degrees than the average. This facilitated the awakening of the nature with move up of the seasonal first fruits that unfortunately endured a serious damage because of the sudden frost in the first half of April with the thermometer registering a temperature of -4°C.

Despite the, fortunately few, damages in some Glera varieties rows and the rainy month of May which impeded a normal blossoming of the vines and caused a delay of 15 days, in the first weeks of June temperatures increased and a real vegetative exploit took place. In our vineyards a luxuriant vegetation appeared, and it grew in a quicker way than we could imagine.

Between the end of June and July, in our national territory, the climatic trend was rather uncertain, important stormy phenomena and exceptional hailstorms occurred and caused significant production losses, even in some neighboring areas. Fortunately, our vineyards have not been hit by these adverse events. On the contrary, the last rainfalls allowed our team to limit the precautionary irrigation of the vines and to make the grape ripen in a better way.

Since we organically cultivate our vineyards and therefore we limit any kind of treatment and we only use sulphur and copper, another positive aspect of the 2021 season concerned the typical vine diseases. This year powdery mildew and late blight have not been an obstacle to overcome, and this allowed a further qualitative growth of the fruits and a healthy quality of the grapes.

Exactly in these first days of August, in the red grape varieties the veraison has started. It is that visible phenological phase of the grape maturation consisting in the turning of the grapes colour from green to purple/dark blue.

Because of the current temperatures, slightly below the average, the harvest beginning of the white grape varieties is expected to be between the 26th and the 30th of August, with a delay of about 10-15 days compared to the harvest 2020, as we told you in the previous blog post. But we can say that, although with a little delay compared to the previous years, our enologist is confident, the premises are great and both the quantitative and qualitative expectations are positive.

And now it is time to say it…the countdown for the 2021 harvest has started!