The road to corporate sustainability: a project in conjunction with Assindustria Venetocentro

We set out on a journey to sustainability in 1985, without being truly aware that we were already on the road to our company’s sustainable development within its land and environment. By putting one foot in the past and another in the future, we felt ready to take up new challenges and turn them into opportunities. Organic farming, energy efficiency, environment and community welfare are all achievements made possible by our consistent dedication and commitment since the beginning. Instead of rushing towards our goals, a step-by-step approach led us to the creation of long-lasting shared value rather than just a fad: nobody back in 1985 was talking about sustainability. Standing at the crossroad between traditional and organic farming, many entrepreneurs were perhaps too focused on their present, wanting “everything at once” regardless of the potentially harmful socio-environmental impact that one company’s decision could have.
In the past, shifting toward sustainability was not an easy task. But things have changed. Today going green is about as smooth as driving on a 6-lane highway, in the perfect American style, where one can rely on the aid of a lane-keeping system.
Since 2017, Assoindustria Treviso has brought together companies from the most different industries and fields of activities, organizing visits and meetings in order to exchange opinions, driven by the belief that promoting cross-industry dialogue and discussions on sustainable actions linked to specific objectives may generate inputs amongst listeners and inspire them. Representatives from the companies involved share openly their company’s experience.

The idea behind this is to let ‘those who know’ or better ‘those who do’ speak and allow the audience to draw on their expertise and views on sustainability which arise from their company’s day-to-day management. Our journey into sustainability took us inside woodworking facilities, bakeries, pasta factories, steel plants and several other companies in the province of Treviso.

We learned a lot from each and every visit. They added value to our own experience and led us to implement improvements which meant moving further up the ladder of sustainability. Indeed, what the companies involved in this project have in common is their total commitment to being proactive players and promoters of social innovation in the hope to pave the way for real cultural change. Our deep-rooted belief paired with the great efforts put into these common and shared corporate projects aims to get as near as possible to the image of the planet our children and future generations will hopefully inherit from us: a one-way road!

For information about the project: Assoindustria Treviso – Telephone: +39 0422 2941

Rodelli S.

*Assoindustria Padova Treviso: Industrial Association of Padua and Treviso

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