The Raboso barrique area: a place of warmth, scents and suggestions…

where our Raboso Piave DOC and “The Barbarossa” Malanotte DOCG rest…


Built in 2016 together with the new Cantina Pizzolato, the barrique room was created in the winery’s basement.

This aspect is particularly important for maintaining the temperature: never below 12°C and never above 18°C. Furthermore, this area of ​​the winery has a relative humidity level that ranges from a minimum of 75% to a maximum of 85%. These are important conditions for maintaining the staves of the barriques. On the other hand, if the humidity is too high, there would be a proliferation of mold and therefore the wine inside could be a complete ruin.

Below the barrels, there is no cement but we decided to use a ground of gravel that favors a correct and constant ventilation.
The function of wood for a wine like Raboso is fundamental. Our barriques were made by a historic company from Conegliano, the Garbellotto company, in collaboration with the University of Udine. The company has patented a system called “NIR” which makes it possible to identify the characteristics of each individual barrel stave, discarding the inadequate, and distinguishing the others based on four main categories, namely:

– Structure: rich in tannins and low aromatic impact

– Sweet: sweet aromatic note and great taste softness

– Spicy: spicy note, complex aroma, taste softness

– Balance: intermediate characteristics between the previous classes

Depending on the starting base wine and the final product we want to obtain, the choice of these selected barriques allows us to reach the set results more precisely.

Furthermore, the Garbellotto company has patented the DTS (Digital Toasting System) which allows to control the roasting phase of the staves, such as a uniform roasting in the entire surface of the barrel or barrique.
The “barricaia” is a very suggestive place, with intense aromas and scents, which gives warmth and tranquility to all our visitors. A place that you can touch with your hands during our winery tour and that we open to our guests every year on the occasion of the preview of Malanotte DOCG.

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