Sustainability report published for the third consecutive year: these are all our sustainable goals! 

Drawing on the values of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we have disclosed our corporate social responsibility practices in order to address in detail the social and environmental impact of our company operations.

This year too we have drawn up the Social Balance Sheet, an annual commitment that we have honoured for the third consecutive year” – says Settimo Pizzolato
Each year we choose to adopt this tool in the attempt to raise environmental awareness and promote interest while creating synergies and encouraging a long term vision. Our goal in doing so is to give a honest account of the overall company’s social and environmental impact, by outlining the underlying philosophy, policies, and commitment with respect to our clients, the environment and the communities in which the company operates. We hope that by means of the Social Balance Sheet those who choose one of our bottlings will fully understand all the choices, ideas and values that inspire our work. 2019 was a very exciting year despite being quite demanding: our output exceeded 5 million bottles and we entered new export markets.”

In particular, our annual Social Balance Sheet is mapped against the “ United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, a universal plan of action for people, planet and prosperity, adopted unanimously by the United Nation’s 193 Member States in September 2015. The agenda contains a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGS – further broken down into 169 targets that make up the plan of action. After a period of analysis and internal consultation, we were able to translate these goals into company tasks which led to a series of concrete actions carried out by our committed workforce with a timeline and precise performance indicators in mind.

Promotion of vegan and organic farming, full ban on the use of man-made chemicals, installation of an organic waste water treatment plant to release treated and filtered waters into the soil for 100% reuse. Important commitments have been directed to field research activity into PIWI (fungus resistant) varieties, selection of label materials, and the creation of the M-use lightweight bottle designed for repurposing after drinking as a design object or for any other use. Our commitment to environmental stewardship spans from production to distribution – when you consider that the bottles intended for the Swedish market travel by rail only, with a 70% reduction of the impact on the environment – including packaging and bottle reuse.

Ours is a meticulously thought out and detailed process – underlines Settimo Pizzolato – because even a single choice matters when it comes to reaching in the shortest possible time the vision pursued by Pizzolato with utmost commitment. Our Social Balance Sheet – explains Settimo Pizzolato – is the product of joint activity and shared commitment amongst all the players involved or connected with our business: employees, consultants, clients and suppliers as well as the associations that have been closely working with us for years”.

The goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development embrace countless targets which can and should be met by every company now more than ever before. The chart below outlines the goals and the people or areas to whom our actions are directed and that have inspired our winery’s activities over the years. Every point in the Agenda was carefully considered and we have disclosed both the goals achieved and those partially met: