Supportive project H-Heroes: “Solidarity is the only investment that never fails”.

Our H-Heroes bottles have been dedicated to the people in first line in this battle against Covid: all proceeds were given to Croce Rossa Italiana.


The past and present medical emergency days will be remembered mostly for all the initiatives that tried and still try to return to community the deep sense that animates a lots of productive realities of our country, the pandemic brought together in a unique virtual hug  so many people that did and still  do a lot to help their neighbor. People that give their time, medical assistance, scientific competence, psychological support even with a simple smile. A great protagonist is surely la Croce Rossa Italiana that continues, even during this second phase of the virus, to give freely.


We caught the occasion to say thank you and to make our H-Heroes wines protagonists of a solidarity campaign, created to support the HEROES of nowadays and of which we will never forget. Since March to October we affixed a little sticker on all the distributed Heroes line bottles  that could shout out THANK YOU! It is about a white wine and a red one, from daily consumption for our table in family!

“To the present day we can communicate that have been donated to Croce Rossa Italiana the entire sales gain equal to Euro 6.000”.


Our project is supportive on 100% because all people involved in the initiative undertook willingly and freely:

from the sticker’s production offered by Multistampa to its distribution also in foreign countries equally affected by the pandemic, but that wanted to sustain our Italian cause.


Therefore we want to thank some of our commercial partners that believed in us and support our project:

– Kishimoto – Japan
– Bancroft Wines – United Kingdom
– Coenecoop Wine Traders – Netherlands
– Mr. Reichel Andreas -Germany
– Ecor NaturaSì – Italy
– BioSapori – Italy

– HQ – Switzreland 
– Solvino – Poland

This pandemic taught  so much to many and taken away something to others: we hope that all we went through leaves inside an indelible sign, because every change can bring to new opportunities and it is our responsibility to know how to catch them and elaborate them in the best way. Discover our sympathetic bottles by clicking here!



                                           “To our superheroes of nowadays.                                                                           Silent, invisible, but always there.                                                                             Our most heartfelt Thank you”                                                        Discover the supportive bottles by clicking here!