Skewers of pistachio grapes

Vegan recipe by Daniele Sampalmieri.

This starter is great for for anyone who wants to create one appetizer with  fresh and original taste.

These  grapes skewers besides being light and genuine are also perfect to combine with our “malanotte del Piave” DOCG “the Barbarossa,a biologic excellence in our winery.

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INGREDIENTS( for one person):

Half a glass of soy milk

Two spoon of vegan cheese cedar

A spoon of food yeast

Two spoon of pistachios

Nine grapes

A “Sottiletta” vegan cheese slice



Pour the milk in a pot with the grated cheese, the food yeast and a pinch of pepper.

Cook and mix everything with a whisk  never stopping until it becomes a cream like a “fonduta”.

Then peel the grapes  and soak  them in the cream and roll them on the pistachio grains.

Then compose the skewers with the grains alternating them with vegan “sottiletta” cubes.

You can serve the skewers with a chestnut compote.