Research projects in the vineyard: our commitment with Mi.Di.Fen.Do and monitoring with iMeteos

In 2019 we joined the Mi.Di.Fen.Do project, born with the aim of finding a preventive method of fighting golden flavescence, a disease that causes serious damage to viticulture, in particular to organic farms. The method is based on recent knowledge about the natural vine defense against this disease. 

The main results expected from this experimentation are:

  • The identification of microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) capable of activating the ways of defense against flavescence in the vine;
  • The identification of microorganisms capable of producing them in a natural way.
  • The innovation lies in stimulating a specific defense path that some vine varieties already use against flavescence, i.e., the jasmonate path. This will ensure a higher probability of achieving the expected results.
  • The added value lies in greater economic sustainability (reduction of production losses) and environmental sustainability (they are natural compounds) and, therefore, greater company competitiveness.
  • All wineries are affected, especially organic ones, which currently have ineffective means of defense against flavescence.

The activities include the experimentation of different MVOCs, the identification of the best ones, in terms of effectiveness, cost, biodegradability and at the same time the microorganisms capable of producing them.

In addition to our winery, the project involves the collaboration of various subjects including other agricultural companies and then the Consortium for the Protection of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco wine, the Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics Center for Viticulture and Enology Research and the University of Verona – Department of Biotechnology.

The monitoring of our vineyards: we follow nature to reduce waste

In 2020, in collaboration with iMETEOS, we installed two agro-meteorological stations equipped with the main sensors to constantly monitor the vineyard.

In particular, the stations are equipped with the following sensors: rain gauge, air temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation, wind speed and soil moisture sensors. The system carries out all the activities of data acquisition, processing and transmission, operating continuously, so that you can always have updated numbers from the vineyards.

Collected data are managed by the FIELD CLIMATE portal in which we monitor all the main functions via networked device. It includes agronomic and phytopathological models for the optimization of production processes, water and / or energy saving and the reduction of environmental impact.