Our DOC Line labels are now Eco-Friendly! 

Sustainability has served as the basis of our operations decisions for many years and is also at the core of our relations with the external world. We have been pursuing this value since the establishment of our company and we seek it also amongst our main stakeholders: finding a supplier that speaks the same language is a key factor for a manufacturing company.

Throughout our history, we have engaged in an intensive effort to seek and study alternative sustainable solutions, with low environmental impact, including in bottle packaging design: in particular today we want to focus all the attention on the label of our DOC Sparkling wine line, which from now on will be talking… green!

This line has recently seen a makeover, and improvements have been implemented throughout the whole product range in terms of environmental impact:

1- the paper used is free of any barrier coatings, this means that the paper is not attached to any plastic layers for waterproof and ice resistance purposes when the bottle is resting inside the wine cooling bucket. Despite this change, the new label is capable of remaining intact inside the bucket for quite a long time. Plastic usage compared to our previous production cycles will likely be reduced by as high as around 350 kg.
2- we abandoned braille printing and screen printing colours as they are both high environmental impact techniques in terms of ink usage. We replaced them with low migration off-set printing inks with embossing/debossing mechanical shifts achieved by pressing a stereo (cliche) on the material being used.
3- only a single operation is needed for the production, which relies on a low energy, state-of-the-art German machine. All the work is carried out using a single machine from start to finish without any further equipment or operations being required.

We set out on our journey towards sustainability in 1981, without even knowing that we had already embarked on the road that would lead us to sustain the right development of our company. In the past, shifting towards sustainability was not easy task, oftentimes it was not even possible to pursue such shift. Today going green is about as smooth as driving on a 6-lane highway, in perfect North American style, where one can rely on the aid of a lane keeping system. Our company has constantly kept committed to product improvement by reinforcing its organic aspect; at the same time we have been able to achieve a real transformation by means of consistent research activity into green label & sustainable packaging: this is the only lane we can use” – Sabrina Rodelli, Export Manager of Pizzolato winery.