Good, healthy and 100% organic!

We introduce you to our Spumante Prosecco DOC with no added sulphites!

The Sparkling Prosecco with no added sulphites, with the mushroom cork, is one of the wines we care about most because of its delicate phases of vinification.
It was not easy to reach this great result, but with tenacity, determination and lots of study and experimentation, we are now able to offer a healthy, good and well-balanced product, even for those consumers that could not got closer any more to wines world because of Sulphur allergy!

Starting in the countryside, among the vineyards…

The Glera vineyards, almost 3 hectares propriety of the Pizzolato’s Farm, are farmed with organic agriculture and assigned to the no added sulphites Prosecco  production.
The vineyards are set in the backside of the winery, in a singular block and the best grapes of Glera are selected and harvested by hand the in the first weeks of September.

Ending in the winery, in the vinification area….

This Prosecco production involves a traditional white vinification but without the addition of sulfur anhydride. The fermentation is so activated with selected yeasts, low producers of sulfur anhydride, and takes place at a controlled temperature of 14° C. The whole process takes place in steel autoclaves for about two months, where the pressure reaches the 4.5 atm.

Subsequently, the clarification is carried out thanks to a mineral, the bentonite, without any animal products. Then our Prosecco reaches the 5mg/lt of sulfur giving off flavours and aromas of Green apple and white flowers. It is ideal accompanied with light and vegetarian meals or refined aperitifs.

Something more….

The charming, fresh and green packaging reflects perfectly what the product wants to communicate to the consumer!
The bottle, of light glass, is enriched a paper label with ink with low environmental impact. Vegan certified Sparkling Wine, another important value for us.


Available in our Wine shop – in Via IV Novembre, 12 – Villorba and in our e-shop!