Novello 2018 with a new 100% green label!

New: our organic novel available from 1 November with a new label made with the grape marc recycling



The star of this autumn period is our organic&vegan Novello 2018, the first wine of the new vintage available from November 1st and which you can also taste during the “Novello in Vintage” event. A wine that has a lot to tell: from its processing, following the method of carbonic maceration, to its absence of added sulphites and a very interesting label news. A new label, made of recycled paper made from 15% of grape marc and the remaining paper contains a 40% post-consumer recycled fibers and a 45% virgin cellulose, label created from the Avery Denninson group.

“This particular type of paper is an ecological innovation, a sustainable and innovative choice of the winery, in terms of a 100% green future and environmental protection, fundamental aspects on which the lifestyle of the company is based, certified organic since 1991. With a view to recycling greater than the production waste during the harvest”- says Sabrina Rodelli, sales manager of the winery.

No added sulphites and vegan&organic Novello with 100% carbon maceration.

The Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are processed following the “carbonic maceration” process in order to produce Novello. The harvest is strictly managed by hand and once these grapes are freshly harvested and not yet decomposed are placed in a saturated carbon dioxide tank for at least a week. Due to the enzymes, whole grapes begin the alcoholic fermentation that will turn the sugar into alcohol. The skin slowly releases its color within the grape during the 7-days-pause. The fermentation begins. At the end of the fermentation the must is pressed and placed in a tin where, in a few days, the transformation of sugars into alcohol will cease. The result is a ruby red wine with violet reflections, with very special sensory characteristics.
In fact, it will be a wine with a soft, harmonious and fruity flavor, while the olfactory look will offer purple and red berry flavors. It will be also a wine that thanks to the contact with the skins is a concentrate of polyphenols and free radicals, a novel glass is therefore an excellent antioxidant!


Our Novello is certified organic and vegan, without added sulfites: discover the whole line of our wines without added sulfites!