New Piwi, wines from resistant vines … flavors and aromas of a new era of wine!

Welcome to the new era of Piwi wines!

The Pizzolato winery Piwi project

New plants of resistant vines

Still in its pilot stages, our winery’s PIWI project began in 2017 with two different approaches: on one hand, the creation of a vineyard in which to plant as many PIWI varieties as the Veneto region allows. On the other, the creation of a monovarietal PIWI vineyard after a long research fro identifying which PIWI vine is best suited to the terroir of the Piave area. In the early months of 2017, 15.200 new vine shoots were planted in about 4 hectares.

Over these past years, the production, although limited, has been interesting and promising both from an agronomical and an oenological point of view. Our studies have been mainly focused on the varieties Bronner Sauvignier Gris, Johanniter, Prior. The first project, following the collection of all the authorized PIWI in the Venetian region, aims at bringing to light their resistance to diseases, the possible reduction of interventions and their oenological potential. The second trail, which analyses larger plots of land cultivated with PIWI monovarietal vines, is aimed at unveiling the full oenological potential of each planted variety. For instance, the Johanniter variety may be particularly apt to produce sparkling wines, whilst the Bronner vine is interesting to produce still or straw wine and Merlot Khorus and Kanthus, both PIWI vines derived from Merlot, great for producing red wines.

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Piwi varieties adaptation

In order to better understand which vines can best express themselves in the Venetian region and precisely in the Treviso area, we decided to observe both vines created by the University of Udine and produced abroad, especially in Freiburg, Germany. We included varieties created abroad in our trial because many of them, such as Frieburg Bronner which have Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Merzling and Saperavi as parents, are semi-unknown in Italy although their organoleptic characteristics made really exciting wines” – Settimo Pizzolato tells.

While PIWI varieties are giving us interesting results from a winemaking point of view, they certainly display more advantages than disadvantages in the vineyard. Although there is still little knowledge on their adaptability to the soil, so far, they have been reacting well in the areas where they were planted, making us more optimistic walking down this path which remains unknown to the most”.

Our Piwi wines

Johanniter grape

As occurs in other territories, PIWI vines produce wines with characteristics that differ from those of indigenous varieties. Usually, they display more perfumes, more decisive fruity and floral notes, a more intense taste, and excellent persistence.
The one with PIWI varieties is a much more sustainable challenge than the one with the traditional varieties. They will never replace autochthonous varieties, which identify and characterize the diverse regions where they are grown, but, in a world where sustainability plays an increasingly central role, they represent an added value especially for international markets – which are always attentive to new trends.

The market launch of our wines from PIWI vines began in November 2019, with the release of a Novello from Merlot Khorus and Cabernet Cortis grapes. In March 2020, the line was enlarged with three wines: a red blend with Merlot Khorus, Cabernet Cortis and Prior; a still white wine from Bronner grapes; a sparkling Pet Nat from Johanniter grapes.
Each of these wines represents a stage of our journey into an unexplored world which, we are sure, will mark the beginning of a new era. This journey is further narrated visually on the bottles themselves, thanks to the “talking” labels and to the dragonfly, true ambassador of “clean” agriculture, and a reference to the new world of PIWI.

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