Harvest 2018: a year of results!

The satisfactions of the year: our enologists work the first microvinifications

of the resistant vineyards



This year Cantina Pizzolato was THE YEAR OF RESULTS: we have collected the first grapes of our resistant vines. The vinification of these particular vines, 3 types of white grapes (Solaris, Johanniter and Bronner) and a red grape, is exalting the primary characteristics; for the whites, slightly aromatic, exotic with well-structured aromas, for the red, perfumes of violet and red berry fruits such as wild strawberries and currants.

We too are surprised by the intense color of this wine!

We have harvested the resistant vines and the favorable season has allowed us to avoid treatments against peronospora and oidio. An important result considering that some of these vineyards are located near housing and schools and that we bear witness to try and convert other producers.


The harvest 2018

In general, in all over the Veneto region, the early harvest of grapes (Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio) began in the second week of August, with an advance of about a week, compared to 2017.
The large quantities of white grapes have excellent acidity and we expect to obtain in Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay a fresh, fragrant, harmonious with full taste. As for the Moscato, the hot summer sun, has allowed the perfect maturation of this grape. The grapes showed a very bright intense yellow colour, ripe and fragrant. Very good, sweet, balanced to taste. We’re achiving a very fragrant and high quality Moscato.

In the first days of harvest we select grapes that will serve as a base for our FREDERIK sparkling wine (100% Chardonnay) and the good quality of PINOT Grigio has given us input for a new 100% PINOT GRIGIO EXTRA BRUT sparkling wine that we will taste for Christmas.

We harvested the first Glera grapes, for producing Prosecco DOC without any added sulphites, in the last days of August: these grapes were selected and harvested by hand and are healthy with an excellent level of acidity. For the entire first weeks of September, we continued with the mechanical harvest of Glera grapes for sparkling Prosecco and DOC sparkling wine.The glera plant was particularly generous reaching the maximum production allowed by the disciplinary of the PROSECCO DOC – whose sugary gradation of around 14 degrees babo with an acidity around 6 gr / lt.

From 20 September the red berried Merlot and Cabernet varieties will follow for the production of wines without sulphites.

Our harvest ends in October / November with the harvest of Raboso grapes. We can confirm that although the budding has been anticipated compared to previous years, the season evolved normally and the beautiful days of September allow us to define that the 2018 is the harvest to remember.


Harvest date

August 16th : Pinot Grigio Harvest
August 16/17th Harvest Resistant vineyards 
August 20th : Moscato Harvest
August 29th : Chardonnay Harvest
August 30th : Manzoni Bianco Harvest
31st August- 22nd September: Glera Harvest
September 21st – 3rd October: Merlot and Cabernet Harvest
24th – 31st October: Raboso Harvest


Weather and characteristics

During autumn, before the vegetative stop, the plant is able to create a good water reserve, later favored by mild temperatures and rains interspersed during the flowering period, in the months of May and June. This allowed an excellent fruit setting.
The very hot sunny summer allowed an excellent growth and the ripening of the bunches. On the average, rainy season. It was not necessary to resort to irrigation.

The phenological phases (budding, flowering and setting) had a regular trend, thus producing a high number of bunches with a decidedly higher weight compared to last year, due to the enlargement of the berries. The reason why the vintage 2018 will be remembered is the high quantity of grapes related to each of our vineyard bred mainly due to the greater fertility of the plant’s buds, among its most favorable life cycles. Among the main protagonists of our harvest there is certainly the Glera, the Prosecco grape, this year with consistent weight and very golden berries.