Discovering the Piwi wines – Chapter 3 – “Hoopa – The destination”

Travelling helps to see things from a new perspective, sometimes unexpected. And this is just what happened once we arrived to the destination of our trip. We arrived in a

overturned world, upside down

where all that we saw and lived until that moment was subverted, doubted and rewritten. We arrived very far from home, in a place so far, to be on the other side of the world. And this is where we found our shining treasure: HOOPA, one of the PIWI wine of our trip.

The Hupa or Hoopa language is part of the Athabaska linguistics, spoken by the Hupa people, along Trinity river on the north west of California. The meaning of the word is: “language of the people living in the Hoopa Valley”.

A language very different than ours, which tells us about a sparkling white wine speaking about flowers and pineapple, with wild tropical hints.

The destination is reached and it is time to go home: we evolved, we enhanced ourselves and we are now ready to tell everybody the stories of our trip through our wines.

To be continued…
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