Our choice is a bold, adventurous one. It comes from the love of the land that we respect and from the one we give to life. We continue together breathing new life to the growth that we began more than 40 years ago and which has been turned by all of us into a unique daily value: sustainability.

Unstoppable and self-regulating Nature is the real protagonist, which proceeds without human intervention and gives life to the wonders surrounding us.
We want to remove all the unnecessary, going straight to real essence, using the synergies that nature offered us by nature, enjoying the fruits without consequences.

We want to show you our trip into the future and tell you about it, grape by grape, wine by wine.


Discovering the Piwi Wines – Chapter 1 – “Huakai – The Journey”

Courage is required to leave and to face the unknown, it takes curiosity and a good dose of unconsciousness to abandon the beaten track and to start an uphill road, the one not marked on route maps. This is a challenge with ourselves, stronger than the fear of making mistakes because, in our hearts, we know that the future is in that direction and our trip is going in that way.

Everything started from the organic vineyards where we live and of which we take care of day by day. Something was missing for us, we wanted to discover what was beyond the Ercole’s columns of our wine rows; so we left starting our trip, knowing that our winery, our home, is and always will be a safe place where we can always come back.

We landed in a new and unknown place, made of gaudy colours, sounds and scents we never experienced before. There we discovered HUAKAI, which means “trip” in Asian etymology, moving from a place to the other. HUAKAI is a white wine, not a common one, with different aromas like apple, peach, apricot and vanilla but embraced by a mysterious aura, made by a stronger shell and lower roots.

HUAKAI is a white wine piwi, the proof that the trip is taking us into the right way and into a future where the sustainability of our organic vineyards co-operate with an interesting project too. The beginning of a new era. This discovery pushes us to continue our trip: it is the right direction and thanks to the curiosity and desire for discovery we own, we continue to explore this new world.

To be continued…
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