Chapter 4 – “Hurrà – The crew”


Discovering Piwi wines – Chapter 4 – “Hurrà – The crew”

Our journey towards planet Piwi is brimming with enigmas and new things to discover. We landend on a virgin, unexplored, pristine place made of vibrant colours and unknown sounds and perfumes: a planet where yellow-polka-dotted leaves alternate with tall orange-tinted palm trees. As we feel the presence of a zebra-striped hummingbird, a never-seen-before animal pops up from a small hiding place. It resembles a monkey but this one has bright green hair dotted with small pink spots that make it look like a work of art.

It is by reaching this destination that we realized we had made it! We know that without the team’s drive this would never be possible: our team, the entire crew, are finally leaving the boat one by one!                                We took part in this adventure like legendary pirates boarding a vessel: WE ALL BELONG TO THIS CREW!

Soon a cry of exultation is heard: HIP HIP ‘HURRÀ’! HURRÀ is our hymn to freedom, togetherness, and happiness in celebration of the discovery of the PIWI planet.

With Hurrà, the treasure loot turns a vibrant pink: a semi-sparkling col fondo rosé from Prior resistants that can be poured either with its native yeasts by turning the bottle upside down before opening it, or without the yeasts if you prefer to sip a clear-looking wine. Hurrà symbolises the celebration of a shared achievement that belongs to those who fearlessly followed the course.

This discovery motivates us to continue our journey: we are going down the right path and we will keep going down this path with curiosity and a desire for continuous discovery. Would you like to come on board with us?

TASTE THEM WITH US! We take you to the discovery of the Piwi wines, a new and fascinating world, which opens new perspectives on resistant vines: here is the tasting video of Hurrà with our enologist Luca.

To be continued…

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