CYCLE4GREEN scheme: the other side of labels. Key word: recycling!

Since its launch in November 2019, this project has allowed us to recycle silicon-coated release paper liners waste from bottle labelling.

In November 2019 our winery embraced a collection scheme implemented by the Avery Dennison group and their partner Cycle4green for the recycling of siliconised paper waste from our labelling process.

Established in 2009, Cycle4green is a leading Finnish company in the field of release liners recycling technologies and services. Based on their estimates, for each ton of liner recycled CO2 emissions are cut down by 2.02 tons. In addition, by recycling paper waste, water consumption is also cut down by 37 m3 / ton (compared with the use of virgin raw material).

According to Cycle4Green: “It’s been ten years now since we started to offer our special recycling service for silicon-coated paper waste. We are pleased to see growing interest and commitment towards recycling. Our recycling service is a closed loop concept that recycles back release paper liners into recycled papers. This is in line with the ambitious EU circular economy action plan. We also hope that recycled paper material, being renewable and reusable, will become more widely employed in the labelling industry. This would result in higher sustainability within the labelling and packaging industry”.

How does the scheme work?

Paper waste is packed into standard containers provided by Cycle4Green to be recycled into new coated paper rolls for printing purposes. This is how technologies have led to redisigning the use of resources while positively contribuiting to the preservation of the earth. This scheme allows to significantly reduce CO2 being released into the atmosphere, waste production, use of electricity, as well as water consumption.

Cantina Pizzolato’s results

August 2020 was the first collection month of our silicone-coated waste paper from the bottling process. We perfectly packed 657 kg of siliconised release liners rolls in excellent conditions, ready to become print paper from recycling. Currently post-consumer label backing paper is recycled into different types of recycled paper. Applications include printing paper for the office (e.g. copy paper), advertising cards and paper intended for the magazine industry. A small amount is also employed for the production of recycled paper for labelling applications, and we hope to see this type of usage grow.