Back to Basic: when the “value of the essential” becomes a virtuous example of circular economy

From grape to flour, the crowning of a project where sustainability is the protagonist of the whole supply chain


Since its launch in May 2021, our Back to Basic wine line wanted to spread a concrete support message towards the environment and simultaneously to celebrate the virtuous practice of the circular economy in its different declensions.

Back to Basic is a line going beyond the organic wine concept, indeed the whole supply chain is involved since six low environmental impact elements have been employed: grapes, glass, cork, capsule, label and box.

A project intentionally born in occasion of the 40th anniversary of activity of our winery, embracing the “basic” concept understood as celebration of the winery essential and identifying values.

As final piece, to crown this sustainability and circular economy project, we decided to complete the offer with a flour coming from the berry seeds of the Raboso grapes.

The flour is not only a product rich in nutritious properties, but it is also the symbol of a productive practice aimed at minimizing the waste and giving value to raw materials.

“We have close to our hearts the responsibility to take care and respect our planet – explains Sabrina Rodelli, the winery Export Manager – and therefore we try to improve ourselves everyday through virtuous synergies with partners who share the values in which we believe. The Back to Basic line, as just the flour coming from the grape seeds, is the results of collaborations with partners and suppliers who decided to embrace with enthusiasm this project, proposing, or even specifically realizing, their most sustainable products. From our perspective, this means to give shape to concepts such as the circular sustainability in order to be launchers of actions and projects always sharing the same purpose: to have the lowest impact on the environment.”

The flour, produced by G.S. Natural srl, will also be one of the main ingredients used to cook the courses at “L’Officina del Vino”, opening on the 25th of November. At our new agri-wine bar we will offer you menus specially studied to enhance the “circular foods” in the best possible way, respecting the seasonality and avoiding any kind of waste.

To celebrate the philosophy supporting the Back to Basic project, we decided to make available all the products from this Christmas 2021: a conscious gift box containing a bottle of Raboso IGT Veneto of the Back to Basic line, a pack of biscuits prepared with the grape seeds flour and a flour pack produced by G.S. Natural srl, an “essential” product to have in your kitchen, perfect to have fun and experiment new recipes and Christmas dishes.