A week as God: National Vegetarian week until May 20th!

The National Vegetarian Week 2018 takes place from May 14th  to 20th  and intrigues all those who love and would like to experience vegetarian and vegan food. Everyone is invited to participate and to share appetizing recipes, tips to live this week at best.


The summer has not started yet, but some days, with those hot temperatures will surely have made you think of a humid day of July: wishing a light or even veg dish, paired with an aromatic and fresh wine. The opportunity comes right now: in fact, while you are reading this article, the “National Vegetarian Week” is taking place in England. It started on May 14 and that will continue until May 20: this is the week of Vegetarian food so what are you waiting for?

The #NationalVegetarianWeek highlights pleasures and benefits of a meat-free diet. More and more people are trying to change their lifestyle and vegetarian food is constantly increasing: the week of National Vegetarian aims to show communities and schools throughout the UK (but also in the world) that vegetarian food can be tasty and appetizing to eat and especially to experience.


Supported by the vegetarian Society, many events will be held throughout the country to illustrate the recipes that make vegetarian food accessible to everyone. Meat eaters can enjoy a vegetarian meal and many people have already adopted meat-free Mondays in their diet. Following the success of previous editions, grants will be available for the communities and schools that will organise events to underline the importance of the initiative.

Take this opportunity to explore a world that many just watch from the outside but you finally have the opportunity to discover a parallel world to the traditional one, cooking some dishes and being inspired in the kitchen from your own fantasy!


What better opportunity to pair our organic and vegan wines certified from 1991 with the most delicious veg dishes?

Our rosé fresh sparkling wines, are ideal to pair with tempura-vegetables and other different types of appetizer and are excellent with light soups. Our white wines, as Pinot Grigio Doc Venezia and Incrocio Manzoni Doc Piave, are interesting aperitifs; ideal with soups, risottos, first and second light dishes made of vegetables such as asparagus. Excellent with omelettes with vegetable garden aromas, with vegetarian soups, chickpeas and zucchini creams. Don’t forget our Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, ideal with vegan sushi!


And now a recipe to try:

Aromatic herbs Tofu with orange scent

Veg recipe by Daniele Sampalmieri:

This dish, based on a precious and vegan food such as tofu, is extremely healthy. The combination with our organic Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia makes it even more tasty and unique. Thanks to Daniele Sampalmieri for the fantastic vegan recipe!


INGREDIENTS (for one person):

100 gr. of smoked tofu.

1 spoon of Aromatic herbs (Sage and Rosemary)

1 spoon of Olive oil

1 spoon of Soy sauce

1 spoon of Orange Juice.

1 teaspoon of food yeast

1 teaspoon of Fresh grated ginger

Pepper q.s.



Pour the oil in a pan, a tablespoon of aromatic herbs (put the fresh sage and rosemary in equal parts in a mixer adding olive oil, nutritional yeast (one teaspoon) and a teaspoon of soy sauce. Whip strongly until you reach the creamy texture of a pesto.

Then add the soy sauce and cubes of tofu, help yourself with a pliers, brown well the tofu for each side.

Add a tablespoon of orange juice and cook the tofu cubes for one more minute. Turn off the flame and add a teaspoon of grated orange zest, a teaspoon of grated ginger root, minced pepper q.s. Mix well and form the skewers.

So now it is your turn, good #NationalVegerationWeek to you all!